8 Things to Consider Before Buying a Pressure Washer!

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The pressure washers are the new addition to the world of cleaning.

They are compact, so their storage is not very difficult, they are equipped with good movers that drive the water with force, and they bring accessories that facilitate us depending on what we want to clean, our car, garden, floors, etc.

We all have an idea of what a washer is, and if you are reading this article, you probably want to make the purchase of one.

Here are some things to keep in mind before choosing yours. For this, we will analyze the most important characteristics in which you must look at before making the purchase, as well as the accessories that can bring and the best brands of the moment.

What do we want to use it for?

Use of a pressure washer

It is not the same to use it for a cleaning of vehicles that to clean the floors of the terrace, for the latter need we would need a model with more power, for example.

If above is a terrace with a stone floor, which we have not cleaned for a long time, perhaps we need a pressure washer that would bring as the accessory a “turbo” Lance that concentrates more the exit of the water and “removes” more dirt.

The same with the pools, they need machines with power to be able to perform a good cleaning.

Important is both the power and the frequency with which we will use it if our intention is to use it every day for several hours a day, we will need a professional machine since the vast majority that is on sale are for one use domestic.

So it is better to invest a little more money in a more professional machine, with better components, quality, all so that we do not have so many problems when performing some repair since we all know that the more use is given to The easiest things is that at some point they will spoil.

In this blog, you will find an analysis of the best-selling pressure washers of 2017 and find the one that best suits your needs – https://reviewsbyexpert.com/top-10-best-electric-pressure-washer-2016/.

Characteristics of the pressure washer

One of the most important characteristics is certainly the power, which has a good engine is fundamental to perform certain cleanings, as the water pressure is the key in these machines.

Working with a pressure washer that provides good power and water flow is something that we must take into account, according to our needs we will need more or less power and therefore more or less caudal.

On the other hand, the autonomy is also another fact to take into account when we make our purchase, and it does not matter too much if the machine weighs a lot or little (best bit), but is easy to move from one side to another.

Pressure washer

Not to mention that electric water cleaners are cheaper, if we do not need to clean at a point where there is no outlet, then it is better to opt for an electric washer. At this point, we must look at both the extension of the cable and other less important but comfortable features, such as transport handle, wheels, cable pickup, etc.

Before purchasing a pressure washer, you must take into account its parts

  • Pump Coating: This coating protects the pump, it is usually made of plastic or metal (brass or aluminum), if we find our pump liner with brass pump much better, it is the material that is less heated , Therefore it will withstand higher temperatures, on the other hand, the worst is the plastic material, when we use our power washer for a long time we can melt this coating.
  • Hydraulic Pump: We must differentiate between 2 types of pumps:
    • Axial pump. This type of pumps is formed by pistons that go up and down and produce important caloric friction, these are pumps that need more maintenance, because due to this movement of the pistons and some springs that are responsible for returning them to their Site, there is a wear that can render the pump unusable, therefore they are more prone to breakdowns.
    • Linear pump: In this type of pumps, there is no friction of the pistons but there are connecting rods and a crankshaft to make the movement, this way the Pistons suffer much less, and we will have fewer breakdowns. The professional pressure washer has these types of motors, if the one that suits us has also, much better.
  • The electric motor: it is the one that is in charge of the energy, what can we take into account? As we can distinguish between induction motors and motors with brushes. In the purchase of a power washer, you should know that the best ones have induction motors, on the other hand, we should look for those that work on 1,400 revolutions since they will be more durable.
  • The Pistons: As we mentioned earlier these are in the pump and are the ones that propel the water, the great majority are metallic, although there exists some professional model with ceramic pistons that withstand the friction more.
  • The Hose of the Pressure Washer: Although it seems a lie, it is an important part, this must be strong, resistant to the frictions, we must look for a hose reinforced in rubber, they are the most resistant. The plastic hoses will last us little, as it is usually towed and easily damaged.
  • The spear and the gun: It is the end of our machine and through which the water comes out under pressure. As in almost everything, the metal guns will last longer than the plastic ones. However it is not easy to find a metal pressure washer, they are usually professionals if that is what we are looking for, but we will take a plastic gun and treat it carefully.

Best brands for buying a pressure washer

As for brands, there is variety in the market, although the most outstanding are the Karcher pressure washers.

Another great brand is Bosch, well known and valued in the market, and finally, we can cite the Lavorwash brand that offers a wide range of products for cleaning, manufactures very resistant products.

However, within these and other brands we will have to evaluate the one that best suits the characteristics described above, the price and the offers of the moment, right ?. Although a recognized brand, it always gives us a plus of confidence.

Our opinion

Well, after this “brief” summary, and after analyzing several models, we must say that it is not easy to choose one brand or another or a model or another since it depends on a lot of what we are going to use

Also comment that when a machine is a leader in sales, for something is, the opinions of users is data to take into account in the purchase. Both the Bosch AQT 37-13 PLUS and the Kärcher and any of its models K2, K3, K4, K5, K6 and K7 and the Silverline 101389 are leaders in sales.

To use a pressure washer just follow these steps.

It is important that before you use it and when storing it, keep the hose connecting the gun, gun and nozzle of the washer off; To prevent damage, as the operation of the engine and the pressure generated even when there is no water can cause the pressure system to be damaged.

Once the machine is ready, connect the hose leaving the faucet to the rear side (left or right). Connect the hose to the gun.

Then, if the model has a filter for the incoming water, connect the filter and then the water outlet hose of the garden faucet.

Use waterproofing garden

Operate the trigger steadily so that the water flows out for about one or two minutes, but do not connect the nozzle yet.

After doing this, it is important to check if the machine works well, connect the machine to the current, and also the nozzle to the gun.

Now, you only have to keep pressing the gun by directing the jet of water under pressure to the surface to be cleaned, at a distance of approximately 30 cm.

You can wash the soil or a wall that contains dirt that is difficult to remove. I found these great tips from the experts at ReviewsByExperts:

When you use a water cleaner to clean the most difficult dirt in your garden, you are:

  • Washing and cleaning in a fast and effortless way
  • Saving water
  • Leaving your windows without a drop of dirt or grease
  • Concentrating all the power of the water only in a small area.
  • Finishing the perennial grime of the parts of your garden (floors and walls) that deserve to look like new.

As you can see, a pressure washer is very easy to use. In the following video, it shows how you clean a brick wall in the garden, completely dirty; Full of mold, dust, and dirt; Thanks to the power of the jet of water that throws this machine.

Cleaning walls and surfaces with a Karcher washer:

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